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16th May 2014 - 18th Jun 2014
David LaChapelle. LAND SCAPE
Robilant+Voena are pleased to present an exhibition of a new series, Land Scape, by American artist David Lachapelle (b. 1963).

Via Fontana 16 - MILANO
9th Apr 2014 - 24th Apr 2014
Press Release (PDF)
La Galleria Robilant + Voena è lieta di presentare la prima esposizione italiana degli arredi di design creati da Rick Owens (1961), che si terrà dal 7 al 24 Aprile 2014.
Già stilista di successo, Rick Owens è oggi uno dei designer più apprezzati sulla scena internazionale e verrà mostrato al pubblico milanese ed internazionale in occasione del “Fuori Salone 2014” durante la settimana del Salone del Mobile di Milano.
Dopo le mostre di Berlino, Los Angeles, New York e Londra, le eleganti “furniture” verranno inserite in uno spazio che si differenzia da quelli delle esposizioni precedenti, abbandonando i loft e le location metropolitane per essere inserite nelle eleganti sale della Galleria milanese.
Viale Scarampo, Gate 5, Pav. 3, 20149 Milan
28th Mar 2014 - 30th Mar 2014
Robilant+Voena at MIART FAIR 2014 - MILANO 28/30 March
14th Mar 2014 - 23rd Mar 2014
TEFAF Maastricht
Via Fontana 16 - MILANO
25th Feb 2014 - 31st Mar 2014
Press Release (PDF)
Robilant+Voena is proud to present a solo exhibition of new works by the British artist Polly Morgan, “FATE'S REFRAIN”, which will be held at our gallery from the 25th February-31st March.
The work of this young artist who specialises in taxidermy, is being shown coinciding with the final days of the “Wünderkammer” exhibition at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum and Gallerie d'Italia.
Protestant Church - Via Maistra 18, 7500St Moritz
21st Feb 2014 - 9th Mar 2014
WHITE MARBLE & PAINTING from the Antiquity to Now
Press Release (PDF)
After New York, London and Milan, Gian Enzo Sperone and Marco Voena are presenting the exhibition “WHITE, Marble and Painting from Antiquity to Now”, a selection of twenty masterpieces related to the colour WHITE, dating from period of time spanning from Classical Antiquity until nowadays.
MIAMI, Bayfront Park Pavilion
14th Feb 2014 - 18th Feb 2014
Miami Art and Design Fair: MA+D

7th Feb 2014 - 28th Feb 2014
Press Release (PDF)
ROBILANT+VOENA is pleased to announce the launch of ‘The Italian’, a publication by Wayne Maser and Glenn O’Brien featuring Lapo Elkann and published by Skira.

Lapo Elkann is an entrepreneur and designer. He is the former Marketing Director of Fiat. His company Italia Independent specializes in eyewear, apparel and accessories. He is known for his great personal style and is a perennial on best dressed lists, including Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Hall of Fame. He recently collaborated with Gucci on a made-to-measure collection.

Glenn O’Brien is a prolific writer and editor whose books include the best selling How to Be a Man. He is a contributor to GQ, and many other international magazines. O’Brien wrote and produced the film Downtown 81, and he has created advertising for clients such as Barneys, Calvin Klein, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

‘The Italian’ was inspired by Philippe Halsman’s ‘The Frenchman’, a Photographic Interview published in 1949 by Simon and Schuster. Halsman (1906- 1979) photographed many leading artists and intellectuals in Europe before the war, then in 1940 he obtained an emergency visa to the United States through the intervention of Albert Einstein. Settling in New York he began working for magazines including Life, where he made 101 cover portraits.

O’Brien had a copy of ‘The Frenchman’ for years. One weekend his friend Maser came to visit and O’Brien showed him the book. Together they decided to take up where Halsman had left off. After much discussion of possible subjects, Maser suggested Lapo Elkann, who is probably about as familiar to Americans today as Fernandel was in 1949. But Lapo has a big personality and great style. The bon vivant grandson of industrialist Gianni Agnelli, Elkann is very famous in Italy.

They shot Lapo in an afternoon, and it turned out Lapo was like a silent movie star, mugging for the camera like a natural. What might have been a practice session turned out to be a photographic essay of that captures the bigger-than-life personality of a man who embodies the timeless flamboyance of the Italian male.
Wayne Maser has been one of the world’s premiere photographers for nearly three decades, a master of fashion photography, nudes and portraiture. He has contributed to the American and international editions of Vanity Fair, and has worked for Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Esquire and a world of Vogues.

The book, published by SKIRA will be available for sale.
The launch is accompanied by a film, produced by Cyrill Gutsch of Strange Matter, which will be shown at the gallery for the duration of the project.
3rd Feb 2014 - 21st Mar 2014
ANH DUONG - Can You See Me
Press Release (PDF)
ROBILANT+VOENA are pleased to announce the first UK exhibition of paintings and sculptures by French-American artist Anh Duong (b. 1960), open from February 3rd through to March 21st 2014.

Set largely against dark plain backgrounds, Duong’s self-portraits are psychologically intense and personally revealing, intimate yet never narcissistic. The compositional centre of many is Duong’s eyes which unnervingly meet the gaze of the viewer with a dead-pan expression, blank and yet perplexing. This intense stare is seemingly directed at the viewer – engaging them in what appears to be a somewhat voyeuristic game. However, we are also reminded of the fact that the self-portrait is by definition executed with the help of a mirror, implicit in the paintings featuring the typical glass shelf usually found under bathroom mirrors and on which rest an assortment of cosmetics. The artist is therefore focused squarely on herself, challenging her self-image, absorbed in self-reflection, both literal and metaphorical, leaving the viewer simply to witness her enigmatic internal dialogue. Indeed, Duong describes her self-portraits as biographical and intensely personal: ‘they’re a record, a narrative of a particular moment in my life, but the details of that narrative always remain hidden from the people who look at it’. That mystery, that enigma, is what makes them particularly alluring – the eyes pose a myriad of questions to which we can only guess the answer.

If Duong’s self-portraits speak to us directly about her relationship with herself, and by implication the relationship of women in general with their own self-image, her still-lifes, which incidentally she also views as self-portraits, allude to our consumerist nature, and particularly to the essential accoutrements to the female self-image – the cosmetics, the perfume, the array of designer bags, the multi-coloured high heels stacked up waiting to be selected. By placing them in the traditional genre of still-life Duong at once admires and questions these ‘essentials’ – their attraction is undeniable, yet they beg the question – how essential should these accessories be to women’s perception of themselves? How much of our self-image is wrapped up in possessing these accoutrements and enhancing ourselves and our vanity with their aid?

Featuring twelve paintings and two sculptures, the exhibition interrogates the artist’s sense of identity via her characteristic language of self-portraiture.

Duong’s work has variously been described as ‘timeless’ (Glen O’Brien), ‘raw and oddly private’ (Mark Van de Walle), and ‘extremely fascinating’ (W.Van den Bussche). It has been shown internationally at galleries such as Sonnabend, Sperone Westwater, Tony Shafrazi, Cheim and Reid, and Jérôme de Noirmont. This will be Anh Duong’s first solo exhibition in the UK and her first with ROBILANT+VOENA, and will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with an essay written by Phoebe Hoban.
Sotheby's New York
24th Jan 2014 - 7th Feb 2014
Painting Passion: The Baroque in Italy.
15th Jan 2014 - 29th Jan 2014