Salvo, Leonforte, Sicily 1947 - 2015 Turin

  • Salvo

    Leonforte, Sicily 1947 - 2015 Turin

Salvatore Mangione, who later adopted the moniker Salvo, was born in Leonforte in Sicily in 1947. In 1968 he relocated to Turin, where he became associated with the dynamic group of artists founding the radical Arte Povera movement. He shared a studio with Alighiero Boetti, and produced distinctive series of conceptual works, including compelling photographic self-portraits in the guise of different historical and professional personages and text-based pieces with lettering incised or inscribed on marble panels, or formed from neon lights. 


Following this intense period of experimentation in a variety of media, around 1973 the artist turned decisively to painting. Abjuring the aesthetic of monochromatic abstraction favoured by Italian painters of his day, Salvo presciently set out to rehabilitate figurative painting a decade ahead of its international resurgence. While his earliest works reconceptualised masterpieces by Old Masters, by the end of the decade he had shifted his incisive gaze to the representation of landscapes and cities.  



Leonforte 1947–2015 Turin
Truck, 1987
Oil on canvas
40 x 28 cm (15 3/4 x 11 1/8 in.)