Bartolomeo Cavarozzi, Viterbo 1587 - 1625 Rome

  • Bartolomeo Cavarozzi

    Viterbo 1587 - 1625 Rome

Bartolomeo Cavarozzi ranks among the most significant followers of Caravaggio. Born in Viterbo in 1587, Cavarozzi arrived in Rome around 1600 where his first teacher was the Viterbese painter Tarquinio Ligustri. Through Ligustri he became acquainted with the aristocratic Crescenzi family, eventually living with them in their palazzo near the Pantheon and studying at Giovanni Battista Crescenzi’s academy of art, as well as adopting the name Bartolomeo del Crescenzi. In the Crescenzi household Cavarozzi encountered the late Mannerist painter Cristoforo Roncalli, who may have taught him, but his most significant influence was Caravaggio. But while Cavarozzi adopted Caravaggio’s tenebrism and naturalism, he avoided the active drama which characterizes the works of many of the Caravaggisti, instead populating his canvases with figures marked by their supremely graceful poses, restrained gestures, and pensive attitudes. Cavarozzi also excelled in the genre of still life, perhaps owing to his period in the Crescenzi academy where, as noted by Giovanni Baglione, artists were trained to copy “fruits, animals and other bizarre things.”