Giuseppe Vermiglio, Alessandria 1587 - after 1635 ?

  • Giuseppe Vermiglio

    Alessandria 1587 - after 1635 ?

Giuseppe Vermiglio was a talented early follower of Caravaggio. Born in Alessandria in Piedmont, like Caravaggio the young Vermiglio was drawn to Rome, where he is first recorded in 1604 in the studio of the Perugian painter Adriano de Monteleone. Although influenced in his earliest works by the Mannerism of the Cavaliere d’Arpino, then the most famous and successful painter in the Eternal City, Vermiglio was soon drawn to Caravaggio’s revolutionary and gritty realism, as well as to his intense chiaroscuro. Like Caravaggio, Vermiglio seems to have had a violent temper, evidenced by numerous documented brawls, feuds, arrests, and a stint in prison. Archival evidence suggests that Vermiglio also worked in Rome as an art dealer in the years preceding his return to the north of Italy, sometime before 1622. Vermiglio worked in Lombardy and Piedmont for the remainder of his career, where his Caravaggesque style was tempered by the influence of Lombard masters like Procaccini, as well as by the classicism of Guido Reni and the Carracci, suggesting that he likely spent time in Bologna. He executed commissions for a number of religious orders, as well as providing easel paintings to private collectors, often reprising subjects and compositions drawn from the oeuvre of Caravaggio.