Stephen Appleby-Barr, Toronto 1981

  • Stephen Appleby-Barr

    Toronto 1981

Stephen Appleby-Barr’s paintings juxtapose fantastical and everyday objects, conjuring a dreamlike world which verges on the uncanny. His sensitive and masterly use of the traditional medium of oil paint contrasts with his modern sensibility. Appleby-Barr sees his art as storytelling, and tours museums and city streets in the search for characters and sets to introduce into his otherworldly universe. He often constructs intricate miniature sculptures and maquettes in preparation for his paintings, perfecting the scale of his set pieces before recreating them on canvas. Born in 1981 in Toronto, Stephen Appleby-Barr is currently based in London, England. His work has been exhibited and collected in Canada, the United States and Europe.


Stephen Appleby-Barr
Toronto b. 1981
Max Kallio, 2021
Oil on linen
91.4 x 76.2 cm (36 x 30 in.)