LUCIO FONTANA 1961: An Affair with New York

  • London

    LUCIO FONTANA 1961: An Affair with New York

    3 May - 31 October 2020



In 1961 the world was in a state of flux: the post-war era was coming to a close, and the Cold War and the Space Age had commenced. Kennedy became President, a Cosmonaut reached Space, the Berlin Wall was built. It was also the year that the artist Lucio Fontana made his first and only trip to New York City, resulting in a series of works that reference the mirrored surfaces and frenetic pace of a city amidst its mid-century glory. Fontana’s tribute to the metropolis demonstrates the universality of his spatialist art. He used the visual language of New York City to explore the infinite.


Lucio Fontana
Concetto Spaziale, 1960
Waterpaint on canvas
61 x 46 cm / 24 x 18.1 in