L'ultimo Caravaggio at Gallerie d’Italia, Milan

December 2, 2017

On 30th November, a major exhibition opened in the Gallerie d’Italia, Milan. This exhibition focuses on the last painting realized by Caravaggio, the Martyrdom of Saint Ursula, painted in May 1610, two months before Caravaggio’s death, for the great Genoese collector, Marc’Antonio Doria.


The exhibition follows the journey of the painting from Naples to Genoa and Caravaggio’s lasting influence on the painters working in Genoa in the following years, such as Bernardo Strozzi and Gioacchino Assereto among the Genoese painters, and Giulio Cesare Procaccini and Simon Vouet among the ones coming from abroad.


Robilant+Voena is honoured to have contribute substantially to the success of this important exhibition; one of the key paintings, the Martyrdom of Saint Ursula by Bernardo Strozzi, is on loan from the Koelliker collection through Robilant+Voena. The Martyrdom was painted by Strozzi around 1618–1620. It is clearly informed by Caravaggio’s version but already with a much more Baroque and theatrical taste.


Other important works on loan to the exhibition through Robilant+Voena include The Judgement of Paris by Giulio Cesare Procaccini from a private collection in Monaco, exhibited for the first time in Gallerie d’Italia; Procaccini’s Self Portrait and Matthias Stomer’s The Flagellation of Christ from the Koelliker collection and Assereto’s Ecce Homo from the Etro collection.