WOPART 2019 - the international art fair devoted to works on paper
September 20, 2019

Robilant+Voena are pleased to present works by Hsiao Chin and Minjung Kim at WOPART 2019.


Hsiao Chin was born in Shangai in 1935. He is a Chinese painter known for his lyrical abstractions, which employ both the vocabulary of traditional Chinese brush painting and the conceptual framework of European and American Modernism.
After participating in the foundation of the group of abstract painters "Ton Fan" in 1956, in that same year he arrived in Europe, staying in Madrid and Barcelona, where he held his first solo show in 1957. At the end of the fifties he settled in Milan, where in 1961 he participated in the "Punto" movement, along with other exponents of the neo-avant-garde international art such as Kengiro Azuma, Antonio Calderara, Dadamaino, Henk Peeters. In the 1960s Hsiao Chin spent long periods working in London, Paris, and New York. Today he lives and works in Taiwan as well as in Milan, where he settled in 1971, teaching at the European Institute of Design and then at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Hsiao Chin has had a great influence on the development of abstract painting in China and his works can be found in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Shanghai Art Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to name but a few.


Minjung Kim is a contemporary Korean artist best known for her subtle formal compositions on layered paper. Born in 1962 in Gwangju, Kim was encouraged by her family to pursue her artistic inclination from an early age, studying under famed water colorist Yeongyun Kang. She enrolled at the Hong Ik University in Seoul from 1980 until 1985. Out of her curiosity about the Italian art that led the Renaissance she decided to move to Milan and graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Art in 1991. Minjung Kim has chosen to work exclusively with mulberry Hanji paper, which, she says, is itself a work of art - a product of craftsmanship and knowledge. She began with expressing the musical rhythm through ink and later went beyond hand-drawing, committing herself to the natural lines created by candle light or incense burn. Her work has been shown at the Venice Biennale, Venice; Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju; Changwon Sculpture Biennale, Changwon, and is represented in several public and private collections. She lives and works in Saint Paul de Vence, France, and New York.


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