Press Release

TEFAF online
August 10, 2021


For this year's iteration of TEFAF online, Robilant+Voena is pleased to present three paintings which celebrate the seductive ambiguity of androgynous depictions of male beauty. 


In a tradition which reaches back to antiquity, the tantalising duality of art which fuses the two sexes holds an enduring fascination. From a Renaissance painting of a nobleman in the guise of a classical youth, to a captivating contemporary portrait, R+V will explore this elusive and compelling concept.

Volterrano’s lissome Marchese Luigi di Alberto Altoviti pierces with viewer with his gaze. The elegant vase and tazza hint at Hylas, a companion of Hercules abducted by a river nymph while fetching water, or perhaps Ganymede, admired and stolen away by Jove to become his cupbearer – two figures whose astonishing beauty drove others wild with desire.

The sinewy figure of Oudry’s fisherman is a vision of ideal masculinity in line with contemporary taste, which had moved on from the previous generation’s more Herculean male body types to something more lithe and graceful. Poised in a dramatic manner, the figure is as full of tension as the bowed pole on which the titular fish is caught.


Click here to learn more about the exhibition or here to download a list of works.