Press Release

Sergio Sarri Online Exhibition
August 16, 2021


 Robilant+Voena is pleased to present its latest online exhibition, celebrating the darkly futuristic creations of Italian artist Sergio Sarri.


Sarri's work centres on the complex relationship between man and machine. Fascinated by pop culture and the trappings of modern life, following a trip to the United States in 1965 his work began to explore the connections between humanity and technology which have remained the dominant theme of his career.

In his sleekly stylised canvases from the 1970s and 80s, Sarri collages fragmented elements both human and mechanical into dark, often erotic fantasies. A surrealist spirit infuses these futuristic visions, which are rendered with the hard edge and often bright colours of Pop Art, evoking cruel parallel worlds in which mankind has become subordinate to the machines they themselves created.


Click here to learn more about the exhibition or here to download a list of works.