Notable Sale

November 22, 2011

'The Joke' or a 'A Fortune Telling Scene' by Nicolas Regnier (c. 1591 - 1667), oil on canvas, 97 x 131 cm, was acquired by the Nationalmuseum with a gift by the Friends of Nationalmuseum. 

The Nationalmuseum announced on 22 November that the 'Regnier painting is a centenary gift. A centenary appeal launched earlier this year to mark the 100th anniversary of the Friends of Nationalmuseum... The donations have funded the purchase of the painting by Flemish artist Nicolas Regnier....The work is significant bacause it complements and enriches Nationalmuseum's collection of 17th century Italian art...The work, considered one of Regnier's finest, is full of exquisite details such as the torn-up cards, the wax that trickled down the candlestick, and the shadow cast by the young man's eyelashes.'