Notable Sale

October 27, 2015

The Capture of Christ, oil on canvas, 120x174cm was painted ca. 1613-1618, and was inspired by Carvaggio’s The Taking of Christ (now at the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin).

The painting has an illustrious provenance having passed from the Duke of Hamilton collection to that of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in 1649, and then subsequently down to Emperor Charles VI by 1735. Documented in an engraving by Pieter van Leysebetten, (c. 1660) for the Theatrum Pictorium by David Teniers the Younger (Brussels, 1660), (the book of engravings illustrating the paintings in the collection of the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm), the Manfredi was considered lost until it surfaced on the art market in early 2000s.

The work will go on display at the Museum in 2016 at their forthcoming exhibition ‘Caravaggio and his Followers’.