Notable Sale

December 1, 2020
A Princely Collection has acquired Antonis Mor's exquisite Portrait of Alessandro Farnese wearing an embroidered jacket, circa 1561. 
Anthonis Mor stands alongside Hans Holbein and Titian as the most brilliant and innovative of the royal portraitists to emerge in sixteenth century Europe. He worked mainly in the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain but also travelled to Italy and England where he painted his brilliantly perceptive portrait of Mary Tudor (Madrid, Museo del Prado). Mor’s style came to be emulated not only in the Netherlands by artists such as Frans Pourbus and Adriaen Key but alsoby his pupil Sánchez Coello, who succeeded him as court painter to King Philip II of Spain. Mor’s three full-length portraits of Alessandro Farnese, future Duke of Parma and nephew of the Spanish King, done at the height of his fame, are among his most notable artistic achievements.