Envisioning an Empire

Napoleon and Josephine Reunited After 200 Years

Robilant+Voena is pleased to present a landmark exhibition reuniting the first portraits of Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte. Young, in love, and at the beginning of a tremendously successful military campaign, we see the couple at an early stage of a remarkable love story and an Empire that would change the world.


We have recently discovered that Appiani’s Napoleon and Josephine made their way to Britain with Earl Wycombe circa 1797, and it is very likely the first portrait of Napoleon painted from life to arrive in this country. Learn more about the fascinating story behind these two portraits in our short video.


Video produced and directed by Carolyn H. Miner.

Videography by Valentin Meneveau.

If you would like to use this video, please contact flora@robilantvoena.com